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Gallura is the northernmost region of Sardinia. Here you can discover enchanting island landscapes, enjoy excellent wines and learn a lot about the traditional life of the Sardinians.

The coast is very indented and has several offshore islands. Inland, cork oak forests and the macchia (Mediterranean evergreen shrub formation) dominate the picture. Bizzare rock formations, to which the Sardinians have given distinctive names, characterise this beautiful island. The Mediterranean shines in deep blue and emerald green. For many, the north is considered the Caribbean of Europe.

The casa di lea is located in the municipality of San Teodoro, one of the most beautiful and fascinating towns in the entire region, known for its abundance of beaches with sparkling white sand and crystal clear turquoise-blue sea.

The apartment is located in the village of Buddittogliu/Straulas. The village of Buddittogliu is nestled between the tourist centre of San Teodoro and the town of Budoni. Buddittogliu, a village where mostly locals live, is only 2.5 km from San Teodoro.

Besides the beauty of the coast and the beaches, which are part of the protected marine area of Tavolara, there is also an extensive lagoon system. The massif of Monte Nieddu, with its natural park and a dense network of fields cultivated by local farmers, makes San Teodoro a unique region.

The main beaches of San Teodoro, from south to north, are Li Corri di Li Becchi, Li Marini, also called Costa Caddu, Seghefusti, L'Isuledda, Cala d'Ambra, La Cinta, Punta Aldia, Lu Impostu, Cala Brandinchi, Baia Salinedda, Capo di Coda Cavallo, Cala Suaraccia , Cala Ginepro and Cala Girgolu.

Whatever activity you are looking for, from golf to free climbing, from flying microlights to all water sports, from sailing to kitesurfing, from cycling to Nordic walking and from unforgettable diving in the archipelago in search of underwater treasures.
365 days a year waiting to be discovered and enjoyed while learning about the cultural and gastronomic traditions of the region.

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